Garages, bodyshops and car service companies rely on the premium products from KENT for more than 25 years. Because Professionals trust Professionals: In extensive test processes, our experts examine the performance of the products and guarantee highest quality. All automotive products are available with certificates from TÜV, TNO and other test reports.

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Problem solving with additives

KENT offers you products that will help prevent the build-up of harmful deposits in the fuel system, which can reduce a vehicle’s performance and economy.

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Save time, generate revenue and keep your customers happy

Easy applicable and proven performance enhancement for petrol and diesel fuels, transmissions, internal combustion and hybrid engines. Enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty with providing certified premium long-term care.

With quality from KENT you benefit from more: whether you enhance your worflow, generate revenue and customer satisfaction or loyalty – this can only be done using premium products and solutions. With over 75 years’ experience in the automotive industry, KENT understands the importance of practical solutions to troublesome maintenance problems. The performance engineered products offered by KENT are uniquely designed for the competitive field of engine additives and cleaners. Today more than ever, engines and fuel systems are being pushed to their design limits. The KENT additive range is designed to clean, optimise and enhance the performance of engines, gearboxes, injection systems, DPFs, fuel systems and radiators.

From Petrol One Shot to DPF Cleaner and from Fuel Guard to Oil Enhancer Plus, KENT can offer you products that will help to prevent the build-up of harmful deposits in the fuel system which can reduce the vehicle’s performance and economy. KENT will also provide premium products that clean the oil circulation system, reducing contamination of fresh oil. A fantastic selection, which includes cooling system cleaners, all formulated for you to get the best from your vehicle.

When you work with KENT, you work with a team of responsive and accessible individuals focused on serving your specific needs. Your area sales manager offers outstanding product application expertise and is abreast of the latest technology and market changes affecting your business. They will work closely with you to assess situations, make recommendations and develop solutions with you right on the shop floor.

  • The ability to effectively remove carbon and ash deposits and disperse them through the system during combustion.
  • Provides lubricity, anti-corrosion, anti-oxidant and anti-wear features
  • The removal of water contamination from the system to avoid corrosion and micro organism growth
  • Effective reduction of emission levels, confirmed and certificated by TÜV THÜRINGEN/Germany

Further advantages

  • For use in petrol and diesel engines – reduces inventory
  • Safe on catalytic converters, diesel particulate filters and compatible with all HDI engines – no comebacks
  • Lubricates fuel components – extends pump & injector life
  • Disperses water into fuel – avoids corrosion, microbial and fungal contamination
  • Ashless dispersant – will not scour or damage engine parts, reduces deposits on intake valves and fuel injection ports
  • Contains anti oxidants – reduces build up of lacquers, tars and gums

One  Shot 2

Solvent to clean and release blocked injectors - Toluene-free

Petrol One Shot 2

A specific and effective short term rapid cleaner for petrol engines to complement the long term fuel treatment of KENT Fuel Guard 2.

Fuel Guard 2

Long-term cleaner for petrol, diesel and hybrid engines. 

Diesel Anti Wax 2

Designed to prevent Diesel waxing at very low temperatures. 

Diesel One Shot 2

Multi-functional diesel engine fuel systems cleaner and lubricant.

Fleet Treat 950

Treatment for water- and organic contaminated fuel.

DPF Cleaner Ultra

Fuel additive to assist DPF regeneration and long-term care. 

DPF Cleaner Foam

A cleaning agent for diesel particulate filters. 

Oil Enhancer Plus

Increases oil performance. 

Engine Flush

Advanced formulation oil flush.

Engine Stop Leak

Prevents and stops engine oil leaks by revitalizing oil seals. 

Gearbox Stop Leak

Prevents and stops gearbox oil leaks by revitalizing oil seals.

Radiator Flush

Removes dissolved scale and rust from cooling systems. 

Radiator Oil Emulsifier

Removes emulsified oils from cooling systems. 

Radiator Stop Leak

Seals existing leaks and protects the cooling system. 


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