Garages, bodyshops and car service companies rely on the premium products from KENT for more than 25 years. Because Professionals trust Professionals: In extensive test processes, our experts examine the performance of the products and guarantee highest quality. All automotive products are available with certificates from TÜV, TNO and other test reports.

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Re-Odouriser Mint

A powerful high quality Re-Odouriser to refresh interiors of vehicles

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Features & Benefits

  • Non irritant formula - Safe to use
  • Aerosol packaging - Easy to apply
  • Refreshes air conditioning systems - Leaves vehicle smelling fresh
  • One click discharge aerosol system - Saves time


1. Clear any residues, dust, hairs etc.
2. Apply Re-Odouriser Mint as required.
3. Light odours/small area – short spray from aerosol, heavy odours/ large area – clip nozzle to empty full can
4. Close all windows and fog from the aerosol using clip nozzle
5. Leave for 30 minutes
6. Run re-cycle ventilation system for 5 minutes
7. Open windows and leave to ventilate for 30 minutes


150 ml 86229 SDS TDS

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