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Tips and Tricks

Which product to be used for close fittings?

For close fittings, it is recommended to use an anaerobic sealer.

You are looking for a re-usable strong connection?

With Easy-Grip KENT developed one of the strongest Velcro tapes.

Cracked a stone – Repair made easy

In case you cracked a stone or any plain material after trying to drill a hole in it, you will be able to repair the incident with KENT Injection Resin.

Clean – Polish – Protect – KENT Spray Wax

A multipurpose wax in an aerosol to clean, polish and protect hard surfaces like automotive paints, glass, plastics, rubber and chrome parts.

Easy way to get perfectly shaped OEM sealings

Polycarbonate headlights lose their brightness over time because of bad weather conditions, salt and UV irradiation.

Recreation of OEM plastic finishes

There are many products available to restore damages and defects with plastic repair.

Perfect presentation to your customers

It is time exhausting to keep glossy surfaces in a good condition, particularly when they get touched often.

Substanital time saving for primer masking

KENT Primer Shield Foam Masking Tape dramatically reduces process time and radically improves efficiency for primer masking.

Smaller paint break line thanks to Japanese paper

KENT’s Japanese Flat Masking Tape is the perfect tape for most surfaces.

Flexi No Edge Blending Tape

No Edge Blending Tape is a foam combined with an adhesive which enables seamless blending from old to new paintwork without any paint edges – the professional alternative to barrier tape.

Rubber Guard

Rubber Guard is an underbody and stone chip coating in an aerosol can which makes it the perfect alternative to coatings which have to be applied by air gun.

Water-based Underbody Coating

Would you like to reduce your VOC value to get a better work environment? KENT has an environmentally friendly underbody & stone-chip coating which is water-based and compatible with most types of body shop paints.

Self Guide Primer Filler EVO

Self Guide Primer Filler EVO combines the benefits of a primer and a filler: thinned, light coats provide excellent resistance to corrosion and blistering, thick coats provide a thickness of up to 120 microns per coat! The three colours black, grey and white can be mixed to achieve different shades.

Lacquer Repair Spray

Lacquer Repair Spray is a 1K fade-out thinner in an aerosol can which dissolves clear coat masking edges.

Stainless HCR

Stainless HCR is the high quality stainless steel alloy coating.

Reduce stock by using a multi-talented – ‘one for all’ cleaning product

KENT’s ‘just ONE’ multi-use cleaner solution with a wide spectrum of applications for reducing inventory and making space in the toolbox.

KENT Brake Disc Rust Protection

Depending on the weather conditions, brake discs tend to build corrosion and flash rust even after a short period of vehicle inactivity.

Universal solution for sensor pad replacement

KENT Sensor Gel is a two-component transparent silicone gel allowing the re-use of round-type rain and light sensors present in not less than 200 actual car models.

The universal double sided tape

Double Sided Cloth Tape is a hand-tearable tape combining very high initial grab for a very wide range of indoor applications like bonding carpets, upholstery, wooden or metal parts, plastic signs, etc.

The easy way to seal

Multi Seal Tape will cleanly and quickly seal skylights, trailer roofs, gutters, outdoor displays, canvas sheets, etc.

Quick repair in 30 seconds

Turbo PU Repair is a very fast curing structural two-part polyurethane adhesive specially designed for small, quick, durable bonding and repair jobs on plastics and many other substrates.

Special Cleaner for wash bays and car wash facilities

Dirt in wash bays is often encapsulated in lime scale, which makes it essential to have a cleaner, which removes lime scale and dirt.

Gaskets in a can

No need anymore to find exactly the same gasket as the one that needs to be replaced in your heating installation, engines, water pumps, crank-cases, etc.

Smooth finishes with a sprayable seam sealer

The new solvent-free Proseal 404 is a premium sprayable seam sealer allowing to reproduce most original sprayed seams used by OEMs without any difficulties, on sills, boot and rear panel areas and around suspension turrets.

Easy way of removing injectors

On diesel engines, it is a frequent problem that the injectors have to be dismantled because of defective gaskets or malfunction.

Liquid Absorbent Granules: 10g absorbing 1l

Liquid Absorbent Granules are applicable for use on water-based liquids, which you can often find in taxis, caravans, carpets, etc.

Quickly and easily remove unpleasant smell

KENT Air Jet is a powerful air freshener to refresh even large areas within seconds.

Streak-free and quick cleaning of EDP devices

PCs, smartphones, tablets, telephones and screens used, among others, in workshops, offices and production halls are subject to different types of soiling.

Removing oil spots

KENT Oil Stain Remover is a reliable and effective cleaner for the special removal of soiling from oil spots on shop floors or parking lots.

Protecting materials from heat

Sometimes welding or soldering tasks are necessary those locations that are surrounded by heat-sensitive materials.

Shiny rims

The season of changing tyres from winter to summer use has begun.

Fresh fragrance in the car

Drivers turn on their air conditioner at the first warm days of spring.

KENT Spray Wax

Conventional exterior detailing is often time-consuming and expensive.

Presenting shiny vehicle in the showroom

Anyone wanting to present shiny vehicles to potential customers in the showroom needs a quick and effective cleaning emulsion for the dry treatment of vehicles directly in the sales area.

Invisible mounting of signs and warning plates

KENT HST Clear is the optimal solution if you want to affix signs and warning plates invisibly on transparent surfaces such as glass.

Removing graffiti

Graffiti are mainly applied with 1 K spray paint or permanent markers.

The fast and safe acting way to remove gaskets and carbons

Modern engine, gearbox and industrial machine assemblies are usually made from soft aluminium or other alloys.