Sealant Smoother

Sealant Smoother

Water-based solution for smoothing sealing joints

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Product Description

Features & Benefits

  • Ready to use – no mixing required
  • Versatile – works with most common flexible sealants
  • Perfect finish – does not cause roughening of the joint
  • Solvent-free – does not cause yellowing of the joint surface
  • Water based formula – safe for the user


Sealant Smoother is a ready-to-use professional solution for smoothing freshly applied joints such as silicones, silyl modified polymers, acrylics, etc. in kitchens, bathrooms and building maintenance. Sealant Smoother is the best alternative to home-made mixes of water and soap, eliminating any risks of leaving white traces on the surface of the joint. Sealant Smoother is totally solvent-free, ensuring that the joint surface will not become rough or yellow with time.

Additional information

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1 l bottle + trigger sprayer
ArtNr. 86548
Sealant Smoother Data Sheet Sealant Smoother Saftey Data Sheet For Datasheets and more information please visit