Screenfix Zero

Screenfix Zero

Strongest and fastest non toxic windscreen adhesive

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Product Description

Screenfix Zero is the strongest and fastest non toxic windscreen adhesive.

Features & Benefits

  • Direct drive-away -the vehicle can leave the workplace directly after replacing the windscreen
  • Single component adhesive -easy application either by air gun or hand caulking gun
  • No pre-heating of product -more flexible application and no time wasted on pre-heating cycle
  • Primerless system -no time wasted on priming and activation
  • Crash tested to FMVSS 212 -recognized performance
  • High green strength -no clamping required and no time wasted
  • Good dielectric resistance characteristic -suitable for modern glass with integrated aerials
  • Isocyanate free -no health risks -safe to use


Specially designed for the automotive, coach and truck industries, Screenfix Zero is the product of the latest Research and Development in adhesive technology for the bonding of direct glazed glass in vehicles. It is certified by TÜV for a High Quality windscreen replacement adhesive. Screenfix Zero is also the only windscreen adhesive of its kind on the market today to allow the repairer or the car owner to move the car directly after replacing the windscreen.


Additional information

Product Units Downloads Downloads
290 ml cartridge with nozzle
ArtNr. 88000
Screenfix Zero Data Sheet Screenfix Zero Saftey Data Sheet For Datasheets and more information please visit
400 ml foil pack with nozzle
ArtNr. 88001
Screenfix Zero Data Sheet Screenfix Zero Saftey Data Sheet